Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Removable Partial Denture

There was a time when teeth deformities like breakages, chipped teeth, discoloration of teeth and gaps between the teeth were the main cause of embarrassment to individuals who did not have any option for overcoming this disorder. But these days lots of dental treatments are available at affordable price in the market. Removable partial denture is one of them which offer you great deals of benefits and enhances your personality.
Removable partial denture is an reasonably priced method of replacing missing teeth without the need to cut down a tooth to accommodate crowns, having fixed bridges, or having surgery to fix implants. Restoring your missing teeth will not only improve your look and your smile but it will also help to prevent more damage to your remaining teeth. The gap caused by missing teeth can cause the remaining teeth to lean out of position and drift out of place, damaging tissues in your mouth. When this happens, you teeth will get crooked and the amount of food trapped in the gap will cause gum disease and tooth decay